Article: The Drug War's Collateral Damage

"At around 6pm on January 27 of last year, 80-year-old Isaac Singletary spotted a couple of drug dealers attempting to do business on his front lawn. It wasn’t the first time. Singletary, described by relatives as territorial and a bit crotchety, did what he’d done in the past. He grabbed his gun, and walked out on to his lawn to scare them off. Problem is, this time the men weren’t drug dealers. They were undercover Jacksonville, Florida police posing as drug dealers. They had come on to Singletary’s property to bait possible drug offenders. When he brandished his gun, the police shot Singletary four times, once in the back. He died a short time later. A subsequent investigation by Florida’s attorney general cleared the officers who shot Singletary of any wrongdoing."

Isaac should have had his gun aimed and cocked if he was going to go out on
the lawn, thinking they were drug dealers. He would have gotten off too.

Glenn Rapp,

I believe the "justice" system exists in its current form to protect government power, not private-property rights, not the right of self defense, not justice or reason. With this belief in mind, if Isaac Singleton had done as you recommend and lived to see his day in court, I believe he would have been found guilty of a multitude of unjust laws including murder and trumped-up gun violations, and would be on the fast track to death row. Though I strongly disagree with the Florida attorney general's verdict that cleared the police officers of wrong doing, I am not surprised by it at all. You see, in Amerika, government mules are more equal than the people they choose to serve. Because the 21st-century government-citizen model for "freedom" is dominance, submission and dependence, I doubt there is anything Isaac Singleton could have "legally" done to protect himself and his property.

All the best,

Don Fields

Terrific overview of the "War on Drugs," thanks for posting Steve!

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