Argument against Prop. C

I decided to go for a little different tack this time around.... :slight_smile:


Thank you for coming out today to learn about why you need to vote for The “Children and Families First” initiative.

The title is a little cloying? Yes, well it can’t be helped. What’d you expect us to call it?

The “Gays and Singles Last” initiative? Come on, that’s not good politics! A little sugar-coating never hurts.

No, NOT in sodas! Sugar-coating EXCEPT in sodas! See here, the important thing is --

What? Didn’t you read through the 50-page legislation? Right here, page 4, it explains this proposal is “essential in ensuring the health and success of every San Francisco child.”

You don’t really believe a slush fund cooked up in City Hall is all that stands between the children of San Francisco and the possibility of tragic illness and failure!?

Dear me, where is your faith in government? Aren’t you a loyal, bleeding-heart constituent who always votes “yes” on any measure we kick down to you that has the word “children” or “schools” in the title?

Yes, we promise the money will be frugally spent.

We’re your Supervisors! When have we ever lied to you?

Yes, only for its stated purposes. Yes we pinkie-swear!

No, I’m not crossing my fingers, I just like to keep my hands behind my back. Oh very well!

No, that bump in my shoe isn’t me crossing my toes! I have a bunion. I do!

Look, why are you making such a fuss? This is routine. Six months from now you’ll have forgotten all about it. A year from now you’ll be ready to eat some more pork – er, I mean vote for another vital initiative to invest in our future.

But you MUST vote yes on the “Children and Families First” initiative. Why it’s... “For The Children!”™


Libertarian Party of San Francisco

My opinion: Good way to make the converted laugh (the few), and alienate the serious bleeding heart (the many). My suggestion would be to sign this one "Starchild" not LPSF!



  Hmm... I was actually kind of casting the silent imaginary conversation partner of the government official as the skeptical protagonist of the piece (i.e. saying that a bleeding-heart liberal *wouldn't* necessarily always vote for everything like Prop. C that comes along, as the official thinks s/he would).

  If I don't use the term "bleeding-heart" would that make it okay in your view? I almost used the word "Democrat" -- would that be worse? :slight_smile: Glad you did find it funny, it is definitely meant to be.

Love & Liberty,
                                  ((( starchild )))

Hi Starchild,

Yes, I did find it funny, since I am a Libertarian. However, it is not Libertarians we should be addressing in our ballot arguments, but the liberals who could use some solid information. Therefore, I am looking at your piece from their point of view, and as such find it irreverent and irrelevant to "solving the serious problems of disadvantaged children and youth."

"Nothing funny about children going to school hungry," they will say.

That is why my personal suggestion is that LPSF not try to be funny with liberals.


Well, I figured we'd have a bunch of others where we dryly lay out the economic facts of the matter, that it might not hurt to have one where we take a more informal approach using humor instead. It's not like most of them have been listening to our usual approach anyway. Most people appreciate humor, and the voter is not the one who is the butt of the satire. Certainly it is irreverent, but it does also make serious points about the reliability of trusting politicians, their demagogic use of language, etc., as well as taking a dig at the soda tax. :slight_smile:

Love & Liberty,
                               ((( starchild )))

You made me laugh again with "It's not like most of them have been listening to our usual approach anyway." Yep, I do feel that we have been tuned out. "Just too crazy them Libertarians."

Bottom line is that you and I have an equal "vote," and nobody but me advised against placing the LPSF name on your argument. So, do whatever who think best.


Thanks, Marcy. I'm certainly willing not to use the LPSF's name if there are serious objections -- the style obviously is a bit of a departure for us -- but if it's up to me, I think it will do us good.

Love & Liberty,
                                 ((( starchild )))