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  While I don't know the full details of what happened, having gone to SF State myself and being familiar with how politically correct the school is, I was willing to sign the petition on the basis of making an educated guess that Tatiana's version of events is more or less accurate. Should I later decide this is not the case, I can always ask that my signature be removed.

  When making political decisions, I find there is usually a certain amount of educated guesswork involved. Rarely do I feel I have absolutely *all* the facts necessary to make an informed choice.

  Having said that, I encourage anyone willing to dig for the facts as you are doing. I only hope that you also make time for real-world activism on behalf of the libertarian cause. Have you done anything for the Libertarian Party or for liberty offline in the past week?

Yours in liberty,
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Dear Carol Moore and Vargas Painting;

My original question still stands - still waiting on an answer. ( Hello - Vargas Painting - Hello - Wherever are - Please call home )

What did Tatiana Menaker do to get expelled from SFSU???

Anyone who blindly signs a petition just because .... richly deserves whatever happens next from being uninformed and not caring enough to become informed.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

        From what I have heard, this petition below promoted by

libertarians is also is an example of a (assumedly?) state school
banning someone for speech. (Assuming she wasn't throwing eggs at
school events or whatever.)
I don't know if this is a result of federal mandates of some
kind or just political correctness run wild. Some libertarians DO say
that if you take any government money you don't have a right to complain
about govt restrictions, and in some cases we'd all agree (i.e., don't
spend education money meant for books on wild parties for teachers).
But frankly if we aren't active against the government trying
to squelch free speech -- on all sides of any issue -- on any campus
that takes government money (which is most of them) we won't look much
like defenders of free speech and will just be doing the work of the
state. Not to mention what's next -- use government roads and you have
no right to free speech??

--- In, Ronald Getty <tradergroupe@y...> wrote:
> Dear Vargas Painting;
> Exactly why was Tatiana Menaker expelled as a student at SFSU? I do
not see anything on the petition or in your request which gives any
indication of what happened to get Tatian booted out of SFSU. What was
the process which was used to get her removed as a student? Some
explanations of what went on would be very helpful before you asked
people to blindly sign petitions.
> Ron Getty
> SF Libertarian
> vargaspainting <Fliegler@F...> wrote:
> Defend Freedom of Speech. Defend Tatiana Menaker