Arden Van Upp and Sam Sloan

I do not know who called David Bradlow a "Flaming Faggot" but it was not me
and it definitely was not Arden Van Upp so she should not have been charged
for it.

The question is why did David Bradlow make a federal case over it. Most
people would simply ignore the remark and forget about it. The fact that
David Bradlow made a federal case over it makes one think that he perhaps
wanted it known as an advertisement, just as "Banned in Boston" is often
used as an advertisement for a book.

Bradlow really did made a federal case over this. You can find the case on
PACER, the federal cases website. Go to and search for "Sam
There you will find an adversary proceeding entitled "Bradlow vs. Sloan"
and you will find a court order signed by Judge Carlson directing the
removal of derogatory remarks about Bradlow from Google.

Hard to believe but true.

Then you can go to the accounting section where the attorneys for Bradlow
intemized the legal hourly charges against the Arden Van Upp estate. You
will see that Arden was charged several hundred thousand dollars in legal
fees just for the removal of the remarks from Google.

They had no trouble collecting because they already had the $2.79 million
from the sale of the house at 2550 Webster Street. So they were just
charging her for everything for this and that to consume the entire $2.79
million. As they say, a hundred thousand here, a hundred thousand there,
and pretty soon we are talking about real money.

Sam Sloan