Appellant's Brief in Sloan vs. New York State Board of Elections

Judges respect the law ??? Fat chance.

Hi Sam,

  I appreciate you trying to fight for better ballot access, and being a thorn in the system's side, even when it's a long shot. As suggested previously though, I think you could use a good proof reader for these legal filings! If you send me a draft of a filing to review before you submit it, I'd be happy to look it over and correct any grammar issues I spot.

  In the filing below, for example, I noticed the imperfectly-formed sentence (not necessarily the worst, just the first one I happened to notice), "In the current election year, the state and county boards of elections have become more aggressive than in past years of knocking candidates off the ballot." I might have revised that to read, "During the current election year, state and county boards of elections in New York have become more aggressive about knocking candidates off the ballot than has been the case in past years."

Love & Liberty,
                                ((( starchild )))

Thank you for looking at our brief.

We were on an absolute final deadline of Friday November 21 yesterday to
get it filed. Otherwise the appeal was going to be dismissed. I got it in
at 4:45 PM just before closing. So, there was no time to ask for proof
readers. Actually, the sentence you cite was far from the worst. Down near
the end it got really bad.

We are still on pins and needles as to whether they will accept or reject
the brief. Ever since the US Supreme Court passed a rule last year, the
Samuel Sloan Rule, that you had to be a member of the bar of the US Supreme
Court to file a brief there, the lower courts have become very persnickety
about the format of the briefs. This brief has already been rejected 5
times and there is nothing wrong with it. The rules now require that it be
created using Adobe Acrobat 9.0 or better. The table of contents pages
should be numbered using Roman numerals and the main body must be regular
numbers. If Times Roman Font is used it must be size 14. The margins must
be a certain way etc. If I did not make my living as a publisher of books I
would never have been able to figure how to do this.

You should start carrying your picket signs against the courts for making
impossible-to-follow rules like this.

Sam Sloan

PS If you do not believe there is a Sam Sloan Court Rule, do a Google
Search for "Samuel Sloan Court Rule" and see what pops up.