Apparently LPSF only has one public access TV show, not two


  You're disputing a point I wasn't even making. Please read my message
again. Or, if you don't care, don't bother. I don't really feel like
arguing about it with you. I'm just disappointed in the way it played
out, and it's not what I thought the plan was going in. That's all.

      <<< Starchild >>>

This goes back to the same old argument we've had many times,
Starchild. If
a person puts in all the time, effort, and legwork to put together an
publication, project, etc., it's totally unfair for the collective to
him/her that they don't "own" the fruits of their labor. (Refer to
Fountainhead" for more explanation of this principle.) If Sarosh wants
total control of the time slot that he alone spent time to acquire,
and he
isn't putting the name of "The Libertarian Party of San Francisco" on
then what right do we have to tell him what to name his show or how to
format it?

It's just like with Direct Action Forum. We told you several times
that you
could run it however you wanted to, so long as it was "Starchild's
Action Forum", but to use the LPSF's name in association with DAF, you
to agree to certain rules and restrictions. And that's to protect the
fruits of _our_ labor as LPSF activists.

I have a feeling we're only getting one side of this story, anyway.
words "not open for discussion" are something I usually reserve for,
someone who volunteers no effort whatsoever for months leading up to
waits until after I've turned in all of the Pride parade application
and then says we should have a big float with loud music. I have a
Sarosh would react the same way if he came to meeting after meeting
discussing this public access TV thing with no help offered
whatsoever, only
to have people tell him he should change the name of the show after
already turned in all of the paperwork. (Mike went above and beyond by
redoing his paperwork despite our group's tardiness in helping him
come up
with a name for the show.)

Anyway, if you think the LPSF should another time slot, and you're
to put in the time to get trained, I'm sure Mike and Sarosh will tell
how the process works. And, as long as you're willing to submit to
the will
of the LPSF membership, you can associate the show with the LPSF as
much as
you wish. Otherwise, if it doesn't have our name on it, you have all
rights to ultimately make all decisions concerning it, just as Sarosh
with his show (and as, I suppose, Mike does with his, since the name
of our
organization isn't formally associated with it).

Besides... you aren't actually afraid that Sarosh will put
propaganda on is show, are you? Come on. He's one of the good guys.


From: Starchild []
Sent: Saturday, July 17, 2004 10:32 PM
To: LPSF Activist List
Cc: Sarosh Kumana; Starchild
Subject: [lpsf-activists] Apparently LPSF only has one public access TV
show, not two

  I just spoke with Sarosh, and regret to say that I feel there has been
a real misunderstanding. Unbeknownst to me or as I understand it to
anyone with the possible exceptions of Mike Denny and Chris, has
already decided on a name ("Issues And Answers") and format
(talking-head style based on Arthur Bruzzone's "SF Politics") for the

  While he said that he would be open to using other content that was
supplied to him, if someone else did the work of producing and editing
a half-hour segment, he gave the impression that he expects to retain
final control over the show, and said that he is not into group
"process" and that this "is not open for discussion."

  Back when we started talking about doing public access TV, it was my
impression that this was something we were going into and planned to be
developing as an organization, and that Mike and Sarosh were going on
behalf of the group to seek timeslots and learn about the process. This
evidently is not what Sarosh intended; he sees the timeslot as his, not
the Libertarian Party's, and that if others want to work with him, he
will be the one ultimately making all the decisions concerning it.
Needless to say I am somewhat disappointed.

  Sarosh, if I am unfairly stating your position, please let me know.

Yours in liberty,
        <<< Starchild >>>

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