Anyone need ride to tonight's LPSF election party at Francoise's? / Don't forget to vote!!!

I have a rental car tonight, and could give a ride if you live in the eastern part of the city, however I won't be leaving for an hour and a half or so (party is from 7-11pm on Stanyan & Frederick).

  Oh, and don't forget to vote today if you haven't done so already. The polls close at 8 p.m.! Yes on 98, No on 99! The LPSF's straw poll results for the local ballot measures (details online at are:

B: Changing Qualifications for Retiree Health and Pension Benefits - NO RECOMMENDATION

C: Forfeiture of Benefits for Conviction of a Crime - YES

D: Appointments to City Boards and Commissions - NO

E: Board of Supervisors Approval of Mayors Appointments to PUC - NO

F: Affordable Housing Requirement for Candlestick Point - NO

G: Mixed Use Development for Candlestick Point - NO

H: Prohibiting Elected Officials From Soliciting Contributions from City Contractors - NO

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))