Endorses March 19th Stop Funding the War Demo

The antiwar rally first organized by the LPSF last December has now been endorsed by AntiWar.COM. In a phone call yesterday, Eric Garris complimented us on the level of publicity and organization we've achieved. I'm very pleased to be working with our libertarian friends at this venerable website, and I'm very thankful to the LPSF members who've taken this idea to the level we've now reached.

It's disappointing but predictable that Congress has folded to Bush pressure and that the House will pass a nearly $100-billion war appropriation next week. Our rally is well timed to remind Speaker Nancy Pelosi that her constituents want this war to end. But Pelosi will only get the message if we generate a big turnout, so please:

   - Come to the rally on March 19th

   - Tell your friends to come

   - Evite everyone on your mailing list to the rally

   - Hand out flyers which will be available at the American Friends Service Committee office at 65 Ninth Street starting on Thursday.

Marc Joffe