Another story of personal interaction with the police

Dear PK;

You said in part: Just because some laws are bad, immoral, or don't work doesn't negate the need for an objective protector of individual rights-- in this case, the police. So long as they are *protecting* individual rights and not opinions, fantasies or untruths.

The police are in fact crime historians recording statistics of crimes comitted against people. The victim of the police snatch and grab is in the same category as the car owner getting a ticket for a broken brake light cover.

Who are the police protecting from those people in those cases? NADA!

The police are NEVER objective protectors of individual rights. Just look at the Nazi style storm trooper tactics used against protestors at the Republican National Convention before they even had a chance to do any protesting. Some protection of rights.

I won't even waste my time enumerating the number of innocent people gunned down by cops across the country who were not even armed or presenting a danger to anyone. What were they doing - they were in the homes in their beds at night when the police SWAT teams came busting in.

The police across the country have become militarized and are an extension of Washington and its goose stepping towards total fascism.

The only thing the police protect is their fat pensions and paychecks. In SF the clearance rate of crimes which is someone arrested for a crime is a dismal 20%. Then when you throw in the court and the jury and an actual conviction the actual final arrest to prison rate is about 10%.

SF has some 385 uncleared homicides and 1,000 uncleared rapes and some 18,000 uncleared armed robberies.

In other words the police are a total bust who do not serve and protect anyone from anything. If the police are so good why are there any murders or rapes or armed robberies? And why are there all those uncleared cases?

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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  Under a philosophy of individual liberty, individuals must bear ultimate responsibility for their own actions, meaning that those who willfully carry out immoral orders cannot claim, as per the Nuremberg defense, "I was just doing my job." Nevertheless I'd agree that politicians who pass anti-freedom laws and policies are ultimately more culpable than the police who carry them out. But the tail is the appendage with the stinger on it, so attempting to cut that off (again in a purely metaphorical sense) is also a worthwhile endeavor.

Love & Liberty,
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