Another Step for Plan Bay Area on November Ballot

I still say that Plan Bay Area is not going to be presented to the public as this one mammoth plan that will change everyone's lives. I say Plan Bay Area has been and will continue to spread its tentacles quietly. So, besides attending their meetings and publicizing opposition to the plan, we need to keep our eyes peeled for each individual project and fight it. For starters, we need to keep our eyes on Supervisor Scott Wiener, and his desperate focus on carrying the torch for dense housing.

On the November ballot will be a proposal to ensure "funding for production of housing in San Francisco." See article in today's Examiner I have posted my comments, and encourage you all to do the same.


Hi Marcy! Thanks for your posting and for finding things to speak out against (no lack of them in this city). Supervisor Weiner was at the MTC/ABAG meeting I attended--he's a disaster. For him, the more government, the better. I also posted, for a change, a comment on the article.

By the way, Mimi and her crowd is already planning another activity against Plan Bay Area. It will be on Tuesday, August 21 at Bel Mateo Bowl (Room 3) 4330 Olympic Avenue in San Mateo 94403 (650) 341-2616 from 6-9 PM. It will be hosted by the Liberty Alliance of San Mateo County. It will be a hands-on training session for activism. I will attend for sure. Can you please post this on the new calendar section on our website? Also, I wrote a letter to the homeowner association in Miraloma Park (MPIC) about Plan Bay Area and asked them to publish it in their monthly newsletter. There are 2,200 homes in Miraloma Park, so I hope they publish it. As suggested, I strongly resisted the urge to say "Agenda 21" so as not to sound like just another conspiracy theorist.


Hi Aubrey,

I will post it on Lpsf calendar, and I will go also. I am Ok with San Mateo, since there is no bridge to cross to scare me to death.