Another Proposed SF Small Business Tax

Dear Everyone;
  I received this from a member of the Small Business Council in SF and it speaks for itself: Or as the old saying goes: There they go again.
  Ron Getty
  SF Libertarian
  Dear Mr. Daly:
  I was wondering if you could clarify some issues raised at last Wednesday�s Finance Committee meeting whereby a proposal was put forth by Supervisor Maxwell to place a $39 per business fee on all businesses, presumably those with employees, to pay for education and enforcement of the Cities minimum wage laws. I understand that there are four cosponsors.
  If the above-mentioned is true I was wondering:
   If you can tell me how the money will be used;
   How the committee arrived at the $39 figure;
   What the record keeping requirements will be; and
   Will a small business, like mine, have to pay the same amount as the large corporations that do business in the city?