Another District 17 Assembly event tonight 630-8pm

 Another community forum with the four Democrats (David Campos, Bilal Mahmood, Thea Selby, and Matt Haney) running in the District 17 State Assembly race (election Tuesday, February 15, a week from tomorrow) is happening from 630-8pm tonight, sponsored by the Raoul Wallenberg Jewish Democratic Club and several other Jewish organizations. Here's the link to register and watch via Zoom (you don't have to give your actual name or email to register, at least I did not):
 I just learned about this, and the event description doesn't say what the format will be or whether they will take audience questions. I'm guessing not given the short duration, but who knows.

 In any case, it's good for Libertarians to be informed about local politics and what issues are being talked about in races for public office, so I encourage folks to check it out if you can.

Love & Liberty,

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