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42) Litterers or life-savers?

In These Times

by Kari Lydersen

"Walt Staton faces up to a year in prison and a $10,000 fine for

littering. Though he doesn't expect to actually get jail time, the 27-

year-old Tucson web designer still thinks the charges are ironic and

disproportionate. Staton says that when he was cited in December 2008,

he was actually picking up trash while also leaving full water jugs in

the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge along the Mexican border.

Staton is a member of No More Deaths/No Mas Muertes, a border activism

group that leaves water along trails for migrants crossing through the

harsh, unforgiving Sonoran Desert." (08/12/09)

I'd like to be listed on as endorsing this charity! Walt Staton facing up to a year in prison and $10,000 fine for littering has to be one of the most outrageous government actions of the year. In my "ideal Libertarian Party" fantasy, LP activists in places near the border would be leaving these water jugs out for migrants with stickers on them bearing pro-freedom messages in Spanish. Thanks for posting, Mike!

Love & Liberty,
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Hi Rob,

Thank you again for keeping the LPSF website so great (same to Ron)! Question: say I am curious about who these Libertarians are, and come upon the website; where would my eyes catch a link or tab that would take me to the charities section, so I could learn that so many Libertarians are caring folk supporting all those charities? I thought the Issues tab would do it, but I do not see the charities section there.


That Blog article on charities from December 2008 had sort of fallen way back in the list and was hard to find, so I added a direct link to it from the left menu under "Non-Government Solutions" -- it's a long name, so if there's a better, shorter way to say it, please let me know (cc chair@... since I don't always see every day's lpsf-discuss messages).

Perfect, Rob!!! Thank you!!


I agree Rob, the website is looking better and better. Excellent work! I like the blue background around the outside. Here's some suggested language for a slightly longer and more descriptive paragraph on the group No More Deaths, taken from info on their website and the story Mike Acree forwarded:

"No More Deaths is a coalition of groups seeking to provide humanitarian aid to migrants driven away from urban border crossings into remote areas of the desert along the U.S.-Mexico border, where more than 2000 have died since 1998. Actions have included leaving out jugs of water for border-crossers (and having members harassed and prosecuted by government for littering)."

Love & Liberty,
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