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Should the LPSF make a commitment to get involved with
Americans Select,
(Discussion and decision, 15 min.)

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This looks interesting, but I'm a little unnerved by their board of directors. Looks like the typical list of government-corporate elite, including the former director of the FBI and CIA.



Hi Michael,

Most interesting! I already got talked into allowing one of our members to present (again!) his blurb about "Reforming the Federal Government;" although he stands warned that LPSF is supposed to deal with local politics over national politics. So, I guess now I am stuck with allowing this on the agenda also!

How about you make a 5 minute presentation as to what this proposal entails -- what it is, who is behind it, what it hopes to accomplish, is it an effort to amend the Federal Constitution which clearly calls for an Electoral College, how would it affect the fact that we are a Republic not a Democracy and would we want to be a Democracy not a Republic. After your presentation there could be 5-10 minute discussion. The discussion might include current sentiments toward direct elections (usually preferred by liberals), the chances of a constitutional amendment doing away with the Electoral College, to what extent does LPSF want to get involved in federal politics.


Hi Michael A.,

Your comment regarding the board of this organization intrigues me, since I am (perhaps mistakenly) viewing the organization as an effort to replace direct elections with our current Electoral College system. Now I am asking why would the likes of the CIA and the corporate mob want direct elections?


I don't think it's too much of a mystery why "the likes of the CIA and the corporate mob [would] want [to] direct elections," but it wasn't obvious to me why they thought this would help.



I am afraid there is confusion about this topic. Americans Elect is a new political party. I think Marcy assumed Americans Elect is the same thing as the National Popular Vote Plan, which wants to keep the electoral college but make it work so that no longer does anyone who gets the 2nd most popular votes ends up getting sworn in.

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