Amazon list recommendations

Dear UCSF Mike;

No problem with those books.

When we get our book site up and expanded we will categorize books by general broad categories. One of those categories would definitely cover conspiracy theories. As there is enough titles from WACO to Ruby Ridge to 9/11 to JFK and RFK to Flight 800 to Lockerbie and Korean Flight 007 to fill whole libraries and if someone is going to buy the book why not help us out?

Yes there is the competition with Mises vs. Amazon on some books. Mises can also use the funds as a result of book purchases to support thier mission. However, in those cases we will leave it up to the choice of the individual by noting the book can be purchsesd at either site and their donations will go accordingly based on their choice.

Freedom of choice - how quaint. :slight_smile:

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian