All kinds of possibilities

Two people were removed on stretchers, but no hazardous materials have
been found: This is a wonderful reprise of the TSA agents who became
nauseated and ill after smelling a passenger's honey. It looks as
though the system could be shut down if everybody included a pinch of
talcum powder in their tax returns.

2) UT: "Suspicious substance" panics tax thugs

Fox News

"Hazardous material crews were called to an IRS building in Ogden, Utah
on Monday less than two weeks after a man deliberately crashed his
private plane into an Austin, Texas building that housed IRS workers,
the U.S. tax agency confirmed. ... A law enforcement official told Fox
News 'some kind of suspicious substance' was found inside a piece of
mail, which may have been a tax return or letter. At least two people
could be seen being removed on stretchers from the building. The FBI was
called to the scene and reporters were not allowed into the building
after the incident, The Standard-Examiner reported." (03/01/10),2933,587684,00.html

Dear All

follow up stories today said the substance wasn't toxic wasn't haz mat and ......