All America Walk in Support of Ron Paul's Freedom Message:

Dear Ron Paul Supporters:

In order to accommodate Ron Paul meetups and groups across the country and
make possible their participation, we have shifted the date of the All
America Walk in Support of Ron Paul's Freedom Message to to the following
Sunday, August 26th. This will give us more time to plan and gather our
people together and get the word out. It can still be a Ron Paul Birthday
celebration, since the official campaign birthday bash will take place on
the 26th in Texas. We apologize for any inconvenience the rescheduling may
have caused, but we hope it will give us a better end result. If you have
already posted this please make the appropriate changes. Thank you.

Ron Paul organizers and leaders are invited to be part of the National
Coordinating Committee that is forming now. We already have representatives
from about 6 states on board.

There will be a conference call on Thursday PM (8/16) from 6-7 Pacific, 8-9
Central and 9-10 Eastern. We welcome your participation. We will be
sending out and posting the details on this soon.

For more info on the Walk please visit:

This is one of our first nationally coordinated Ron Paul activities so it
marks an important watershed. We hope that you will support it and
participate. Your input and creativity is welcomed.

Please also be aware of another nationally coordinated Ron Paul support
activity: ³Clean Up America², initiated by Kelly Halldorson in New
Hampshire. The idea here is to put together crews of Ron Paul supporters to
go out an literally clean up America on Labor Day weekend. For more
information visit:

Yours in support of Ron Paul for President,

Steven Vincent
Ron Paul Radio
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³First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then
you win.²: Gandhi