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Sarosh and I were talking about the Libertarian Alternative shows for cable
access. We’d like to discuss another possibility for our local LP. How about
having us produce our own show? With us controlling the show and content, we can
develop our candidates and issues the way we want rather than having to work
with someone else’s material. We certainly have great talent to work with.
Could we add this to the agenda for Saturday?
if we are able to get regular access to a cable channel for our shows, we
have a HUGE opportunity to get our message out. lets solidify our hold on the
airwaves, and then see how best to leverage that.

if we produce our own content, we can showcase our candidates, plus issues of
interest to san franciscans, invite others to debate on local issues, etc

this could be an excellent forum for us. we might even be able to provide our
content to other cable channels, which they might like, because it would be
free to them.

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