Agenda: LPSF Meeting May 12, 2007

Hi All,

Francoise Fielding is out of town, and asked me to post the agenda
for the next meeting. It is cut and pasted below and on the Files
Section of this List.


Libertarian Party of San Francisco
Agenda, May 12, 2007
Milano's Pizza, 1330 9th Avenue

Meeting Starts
  3:00 pm

Welcome and Introductions
• New Agenda Items

Officer Reports
  3:05 pm
• Treasurer: Justin Sampson
• Secretary: Francoise Fielding
• Vice-Chair: Starchild
• Chair: Philip Berg

Committee Reports
          3:15 pm
• Outreach: Starchild
• Newsletter: Starchild

  3:20 pm

Special Guest:
  Anthony Gregory will speak on "Right and Wrong Ways to
  Address the Left."

Old Business
• Allocation of funds for revised privacy brochure
    4:05 pm
• Report of Website Committee
  4:15 pm
• Report of City Hall Watch Committee
  4:25 pm

New Business
• LPSF – LPCA Fundraising Event
  5:00 pm
Pizza Social

Meeting Ends
    6:00 pm