Agenda for tomorrow's ExCom meeting? Driving up to Sacramento?

Has anyone seen an agenda for tomorrow's Executive Committee meeting in Sacramento? I have not.

  Also, is anyone driving up to Sacramento from the Bay Area or points south? I plan on going and will take the train if I don't get a ride, but would prefer to carpool with someone. I can chip in for gas. Also potentially interested in a room-share.

  You can call me any time -- (415) 625-FREE.

  I did get Lauren's report on our membership numbers. We are below 1,000 members for the entire state. The "real" total (people who regular pay dues) appears to be only 615. I will have to look up what some of the historical numbers have been, but this is very low. Not good. Clearly we need to be doing some things differently.

  If you won't be attending tomorrow's meeting and there's anything you'd like me to bring up or announce, please let me know.

Love & Liberty,
                                       ((( starchild )))
      At-Large Representative, LPC Executive Committee