Agenda for Saturday September 8th 2007 LPSF Meeting

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Libertarian Party of San Francisco
Agenda, September 8th, 2007
Milano's Pizza, 1330 9th Avenue
Meeting Starts 3:00 pm
Welcome and Introductions
· New Agenda Items
Officer Reports 3:05 pm
· Treasurer: Justin Sampson
· Secretary: Francoise Fielding
· Vice-Chair: Starchild
· Chair: Philip Berg
Committee Reports 3:10 pm
· Outreach: Starchild
· Newsletter: Starchild

Mark Joffe on Peace action with ANSWER 3:15pm

                Old Business
· Discuss options for poster distribution. 3:30
        Discuss storeage issues . 3:40pm
       ·Discuss Amazon books links on the website. 3:50
        Report on web hosting and website content 3:55.
        Report on edited surveillance flyer 4:00
Discussion and votes on Election Issues as discussed last month... 4:05
  1.. Charter Amendments:

  a.. Limiting Hold-Over Service on Boards and Commissions
            This measure allows appointed commission members to stay over for up to an additional 60 days from time of expiration of their service unless re-appointed to another term.
            We need to review previous law regarding appointee holdovers before making a decision.
  a.. Public Hearing on Initiatives
            This measure requires public hearings to be held at least 45 days before the deadline to place an initiative on the ballot by the Supervisors or the Mayor.
            Recommendation: "yes" vote. This measure gives voters notice of what they
            will be voting on.
  a.. Mayor to Appear at Board
            This measure would require the Mayor to attend a Supervisor's meeting once a month to answer questions
Recommendation: "No recommendation". We do not want to get involved in political squabbling between the Mayor and Supervisors.
  a.. Library Preservation Fund
            This measure renews the Preservation Fund previously approved by voters.
Recommendation: "No" vote. This measures would continue an additional tax of 2 ½ cents per $100 of assessed property value.
  a.. Emissions Reductions and Transit Reform
            The Save the Muni law to require a larger percentage of revenue be directed from parking fees and other internal Muni matters would relate to pay scale determination and driver discipline.
            Recommendation: "No" vote . This could raise taxes.
  a.. Retirement Benefits for Police Department Employees Who Were Airport Police Officers
            These officers previously were covered by CALPERS and for some reason they want to be included in the SF Retirement system. There are limits on how much would be allocated but no reasons given for the transfer from one retirement system to another.
            Recommendation: "No" vote. Retirement benefits under this measure might be more generous therefore raising taxes. The officers knew what they were signing up for and there is no reason to change that.
  2.. Ordinances:
  a.. Small Business Assistance Center Ordinance
            This is the Mayors proposal to have a one stop shop for small businesses in SF.
            Recommendation: "No" vote . The Mayor can reorganize City Departments to address the issue of providing easy access to small businesses for permits and licenses without spending additional taxpayer money

  a.. Golden Gate Park Stables Ordinance
            This measure proposes a matching funds program where SF would allocate up to a maximum of $750,000 on a 3:1 basis of contributions to City funds for repair, upkeep, and maintenance of the SF stables. .
            Recommendation: "No" vote. The City should not be in the stable business.
  a.. Parking initiative
  This measure would have opened up more parking spaces in new projects in selected neighborhoods. It competed with a last minute addition to the new Muni Amendment by Peskin. A last minute agreement has been made by Peskin and the Parking group to place an initiative on the February ballot to address these issues. The Parking group has agreed to not promote the parking initiative on the ballot as it can not be pulled at this time.
            Recommendation: "No Recommendation".
  3.. Declarations of Policy:
  a.. Street Furniture Declaration of Policy
            Limits the amount of advertising placed on benches and news racks and kiosks and city buildings bus shelters.
            Recommendation: "No Recommendation".
  a.. Universal Wi-Fi Declaration of Policy
            A request for an endorsement of the proposed privately installed WI-FI network for SF.
            Recommendation: "No Recommendation".
  4.. Candidates for Election Fourteen candidates for Mayor are listed on the Department of Elections website. no one has been approved yet.
When we know who has been approved, Chris Maden will put together a candidates' night.
Although there is no one significant that we would want to endorse, networking is worthwhile and exposes candidates to libertarian positions.
There are 3 candidates for Sheriff: the incumbent Michael Hennessy (who will likely be re-elected), Anthony Carrasco and David Wong
  Optional...LPSF Structure

Pizza Social 5:00 pm

Meeting Ends 6:00Pm

Philip Berg
557 Sanchez Street
San Francisco, CA 94114