Agenda for LPSF Meeting Milano's Pizza, Saturday December 8, 2007

Party of San Francisco
Agenda, December 8, 2007
Milano's Pizza, 1330 9th Avenue
Meeting Starts 3:00 pm
Welcome and Introductions
· New Agenda Items
Officer Reports 3:05 pm
· Treasurer: Justin Sampson
· Secretary: Francoise Fielding
· Vice-Chair: Starchild
· Chair: Philip Berg
Committee Reports 3:10 pm
· Outreach: Starchild
· Newsletter: Starchild
        Webhosting Steve Dekorte, Brice
Peace events
other Events
Old Business
       Nominations for 2008 Officers to be elected in January. 3:35 pm

Hands On OUtreach Project 4: 35
    Phil will bring postcards and Bryce the mailing list and we will send out handwritten post cards to old active embers.

Discussion Groups... Remaining time
Possible topics, open to suggestions
Libertarian Presidential Candidates.
Recruiting candidates for the November 2008 electtion.
Winning strtegies in San Francisco.

Suggestions to this proposed agenda are requested and welcomed! 4'50
  Optional...LPSF Structure

Pizza Social 5:00 pm
Meeting Ends 6:00Pm
Philip Berg
557 Sanchez Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
Folks, Please forward this agenda to other groups that you are alligned with who may have an interest in the discussion groups.