Agenda for July 14

Given the Ron Paul event below is attracting many of our members, I would
like to change the agenda from it's usual format to have the social from 3
to 4, business from 4 to 6, and let folks stay over after that. this is to
accomadate our members who otherwise will not be able to come to the


I will bring a tube or two (25-50) of the new LPSF posters with me to
the meeting on the 14th (suggestions on how many are wanted/needed?).

Does anyone who is attending the Paul event want to pick up a tube of
posters before then? I'm not sure how you'd use them at the event, but
I figured I would mention it. I also still have the SF Pride Parade
sign on a stick that we made with one of the posters on each side, which
you may be able to use. (Remember, these tubes of posters must vacate
my patio closet by September.)


P.S. I've got the Internet in my patio closet. It's a series of
tubes! :slight_smile:

Philip Berg wrote: