Advice regarding SF Pride booth structure?

I'm filling out the registration forms for San Francisco LGBT Pride, and
I'm thinking we should spend the $225 for a booth structure instead of
using the EBLP tent again. Every year, near the end of both days, I
feel like I'm having a Mary Poppins moment, with me holding on to the
tent structure like it's an umbrella being blown away by the wind. And
every year, I vow that the next year we'll just pay for the structure.

Well, this is the first time in several years that I'm the primary
organizer for this event, so I should finally make good on my promise,
unless someone can offer a good objection.

Also, if we rent the structure, we can have them configure it to our
needs. By default, it's like in this photo:

but we can ask for the front to be removed, for ease of getting in and
out to give people the quiz.

Please give me input.



Thanks, Rob. Makes sense to me, though I don't know whether removing
the front panel would affect stability, which is the main point. If you
decide to go with this, let us know if the treasury needs some help.

Thanks for the treasury offer, Mike. It most certainly will help.
Donations can be made here:

Just put the dollar amount in on the second line, next to San Francisco
Pride Fund. Beau will round up all the donations and reimburse me for
expenses up to the amount raised for SF. So far, the cost for both days
at SF Pride this year, including booth structure and a car in the parade
is $550 not including insurance, which I think is another $50. So we're
looking at $600. (As much as I miss the old days of $200 for SF Pride,
I have to admit that $600 is still cheaper than what I spent for Boston
Pride the few years I was there, and that was a much smaller event that
only lasted one day.)

As for the structure, I assume they wouldn't offer to remove the front
if it caused structural problems. But I could verify that. Assuming
it's safe and sound either way, which do we prefer -- front or no
front? The benefit of having it is that we can put things (like the
lpsf poster) on it. Of course, the benefit of not having it is that
volunteers can go from inside to outside without having to go around to
the back. The other benefit of course is that we may not have to deal
with getting vehicles in and out of the exhibitors area each morning and
evening, if we can get all of our materials and folding chairs and
tables in on little carts. For instance, three camp tables and two
folding chairs easily fit into my little black cart that's easy for me
to bring on BART/Muni.

Acree, Michael wrote: