Activist Forum/Ed Harrington

I saw City Controller Ed Harrington speak at the Alice B. Toklas Democratic Club last week and invited him to come speak to us. He said he was free for this Wednesday, but did not return a subsequent call and email. He may have been confused by my saying when we spoke that the precise location would be determined, as I remembered the reason I did not want to use the International Noodle House again after last time -- they close at 9pm, which only gives us two hours.

  So we will not have an Activist Forum this month, and I will try to schedule Ed for Wednesday, August 18 if he is available. That gives us a bit more time to find the best possible location which hopefully we'll be able to stick with for awhile this time. I'm looking at the possibility of an Indian restaurant on Haight Street, I believe on the corner of Steiner, which I think is open until at least 10pm and is fairly spacious and doesn't appear to be too busy. If anyone else has any other recommendations, please let me know.

Yours in liberty,
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