ACTION ITEM: Send a message to Booz Allen Hamilton - Contractors of Shame

Edward Snowden, the courageous NSA whistleblower who raised the alarm a week and a half ago about massive unconstitutional spying by U.S. intelligence agencies on Americans' email and phone calls, was working for contracting company Booz Allen Hamilton.

  This company's shameful response to his going public was to fire him. Please send them a letter and call them to let them know how you feel about their action.

  Suggested message: Tell them you consider their response shameful and reprehensible. Tell them you want the company to offer a generous donation toward Snowden's legal defense. Demand to know who made the decision to fire Snowden and how that decision was made. Tell them that unless they apologize and make restitution, you will consider BAH(!) an enemy of freedom and collaborators in seeking to make America a full-on police state.

  Here is some contact info (phone numbers, email addresses, snail mail, and a web form) from the company's website:

8283 Greensboro Drive
McLean, Virginia 22102

• James Fisher – Senior Manager, Media Relations
703-377-7595, fisher_james_w@...

• Carrie Lake – Manager, Media Relations
703-377-7785, lake_carrie@...

• Marie Lerch
703-902-5559, lerch_marie@...

Love & Liberty,
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