ACTION ITEM - Please help gather signatures for the prostitution decriminalization petition!


  We need help collecting signatures to get the prostitution decriminalization measure on the ballot! No one from the LPSF that I know of besides myself has gathered any signatures. This is a bit embarrassing, considering we talked about doing a similar initiative ourselves (redirecting police priorities), and this is a good, solid libertarian measure which we have endorsed (no new taxes, spending increases, regulations, etc.), spearheaded by *non-libertarians*. Here we have single-issue allies effectively coming to us and seeking our help to try to implement one of *our* priorities! We should be jumping over ourselves to give them all the support we can.

  Especially since there is a very good chance we will succeed in getting this on the ballot. As noted in the message below, we have around 4,000 signatures. We started this drive in early March, it is now early May, and we have until early July to gather 7,100 (we initially thought we had until July 30, but it was subsequently discovered that if we want to get on this November's ballot, when voter turnout will be higher and chances of passage therefore greater, as opposed to on a future ballot, our deadline is July 7). In other words, we are halfway through the collecting period and have over half the number we need, but this does not include any significant safety margin for invalid signatures (our goal is to submit 10,000).

  So your help is urgently needed and could make the difference. Please get involved. Steve Dekorte, you said before you were willing to get some signatures. As I noted in a previous message, I have a badge and petition forms for you; can you pick them up, or failing that, let me know you'll be at Saturday's meeting and remind me to bring them for you?

  Can anyone else help? If so, please let me know how many signatures you can commit to bringing in (there are 10 per page). I've collected hundreds, and Slava, Maxine, and maybe one other person have personally done well over 1,000. Signatures are preferred to donations, but if you have no time, money is welcome. If we get near the deadline and look like we're going to fall short, we may try to hire circulators.

  Below is some info on where some people will be collecting signatures this week, if you'd like to work with others. Thanks in advance for any assistance. You can reach me by phone (better than email for this) at (415) 621-7932 or (415) 368-8657.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))