ACTION ITEM - Phone calls needed for Ron Paul in Texas straw poll

From the

Ron Paul supporters,

Ron Paul could WIN the Texas Republican Straw Poll in Fort Worth, Friday, August 31st and Saturday, Sept. 1st. But first he needs a little bit of your HELP. The #1 thing you can do right now is to help us make 17,000 phone calls within one week to all the Texas Republican delegates whose phone number we have. It is critically important that we do voter identification with these delegates to find out 1) who supports Ron Paul and 2) who is undecided. We need to do this NOW in order to get these folks to Fort Worth, possibly on buses from around the state.

Please recruit yourself and friends to help us do this job! In order to make phone calls, please email your 1) First and last Name 2) City and State you are live in and 3) Email address to Chuck Young at ccy@... Chuck's is organizing our Ron Paul phone effort and Chuck's phone number is 512-448-7898. Also you can call Robert Morrow at 512-306-1510.