Action item from the Gary Nolan campaign

Victory in Atlanta!

Dear friends,

Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Marianne Volpe, former
state chair of the Libertarian Party of Virginia and a
full-time volunteer for the Gary Nolan for President

We're all looking forward to seeing Gary take on President
Bush and Senator Kerry in the fall. Given runaway spending
and deficits (courtesy of Bush and the Republican
Congress), Bush and Kerry's shared complicity regarding the
War in Iraq and USA Patriot Act, and no other high-profile
third party candidates on the horizon, I expect Gary's
campaign to have a bigger impact than any of our previous
presidential efforts.

But we first we have to make sure that Gary wins the
Libertarian nomination at the national convention in

Gary appears to be the clear front-runner, but we can't
afford to take anything for granted. The best way to make
sure that Gary wins a convincing first-ballot victory is to
make sure that an absolute majority of the delegates in
Atlanta are committed Gary Nolan supporters.

Which is why I'm writing to you today.

Will you come to Atlanta as a delegate from your state and
cast your first-ballot vote for Gary Nolan?

We'll be happy to help you get elected as a delegate from
your state. But first, we have to know that you're

Please take a moment to reply to this message and let me
know whether:
1. You will definitely attend the convention as a
2. You probably will attend;
3. You are considering attending; or
4. You probably won't be able to attend.

And, of course, please let me know that you are committed
to voting for Gary Nolan on the first ballot.

If you have any questions about the convention or Gary's
campaign, we're here to help. You can contact us at (703)
237-3533 or by replying to this email. We can even arrange
to have Gary speak with you personally.

The convention will be held May 27-31 (Memorial Day
weekend) at the beautiful Marriott Marquis hotel in
downtown Atlanta, Georgia. The Presidential nomination will
likely occur either Saturday afternoon (May 29) or Sunday
morning (May 30).

This will be my 3rd National Libertarian convention. The
National Convention is an exciting and energizing event.
You meet so many Libertarians from around the country and
hear success stories from many states. The National
Convention is an unforgettable experience.

Gary is committed to running the most successful outreach
campaign the Libertarian Party has ever seen, but we need
your support to make it happen. Please take a moment to
reply to this message and let me know that you'll attend
the Libertarian National Convention as a committed Gary
Nolan delegate. Thank you.

Marianne Volpe
Convention Coordinator
Gary Nolan for President

P.S. After you've replied to let me know whether you can
attend the national convention and vote for Gary, please
take a moment and vote for Gary in this month's Cass County
Poll. Gary is way ahead overall, but slightly behind among
those who say they definitely plan to attend as delegates.
Please show your support for Gary's campaign, especially if
you plan to be a delegate, by casting your vote at: