ACTION ITEM - Fill out SF Weekly reader survey

Please let them know you'd like to see more libertarian, pro-freedom content:

  Other suggestions I gave them, and encourage you to leave as feedback too:

• More coverage of libertarian ideas, the LP, and independent political parties/candidates generally

• More in-depth, investigative reporting (holding politicians and bureaucrats accountable, exposing government secrets, authoritarian trends, etc.)

• More ideological diversity, especially in terms of columnists (I suggested they bring back Joe Eskenazi, whose stuff is often pretty good, and make me a columnist!)

  You might also tell them we'd like to set up a meeting between local LP members and their editorial board. I've been working on SF Media Company editor-in-chief Deborah Petersen about this (the SF Media Company runs both SF Weekly and the Examiner, as well as the small cannabis-focused publication Evergreen).

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))