Action Item by Monday morning: No on C Consent Forms [1 Attachment]

Dear All,

Forwarding the exchange of e-mails below with Shirley Hansen, who is working on the Yes on D and No on C ballot arguments. She has asked that individuals from our group sign consent forms allowing her to file the arguments with those individual names' as supporters of D and opponents of C. Either Shirley or I would be meeting you (coming to your place of work, home, or whatever best way to meet) to obtain your signature.

Attached and pasted below is the No on C Shirley had ready. She will have Yes on D ready later.
Please remember, this is her argument and she is short on time for getting done all that needs to be done to file on time, so I hope you will choose to pitch in with the argument as is.

Jeff Adachi has acknowledged the e-mail exchange, and has thanked our group in advance for our support on D.



Prop C is a backroom bad deal created by
politicians and labor leaders,

The same
people that got us into this mess!

This rotten
deal was cut with the highest-paid city employees

At the
expense of the lowest-paid city employees and taxpayers.

It was
created by an insider group of carefully-selected labor union beneficiaries and

Who then
christened themselves the “City Family.”

There was
no public transparency into these negotiations,

And no
opportunity for ordinary taxpayers of San Francisco to participate.

Prop C
saves $400 million less than Prop D over ten years.

But after
ten years that difference escalates – out of sight!

They call
this a solution? Kicking the can down
the road again!

These millions
could be used to help our schools, crumbling streets, our basic services.

But wait!
Then the Mayor sweetened the deal for Safety employees --

A 4% raise,
providing a big SPIKE in their pensions, costing $127 million over ten

backroom deal! Does this sound only too

But that’s
not all. The Mayor then asked the Board
of Supervisors to act in advance to protect Safety employees from Prop D
pension reforms. Ouch!

Prop C
provides extravagant subsidies for the City’s highest-paid employees, to be
paid by the lowest-paid, and by taxpayers.

Prop C does NOTHING to solve the City's unfunded
health care debt crisis.

Prop C is
not real pension reform, just another bad deal for the citizens of San

We urge a
NO vote on Prop C.


  Yes, I'd be happy to sign a consent form to support this "No on C"
argument. As I think most of you know but Shirley may not, I'm at 3531
16th Street, between Market and Sanchez. By the way, she came to SF
Liberty Coalition's candidate/ballot measure night last month and
spoke in favor of Jeff Adachi's pension reform measure.

Love & Liberty,
                                    ((( starchild )))
                                 (415) 625-FREE

I'm available this afternoon to my office below.


Michael Denny
American Wine Distributors
Pier 23 The Embarcadero #201
San Francisco, CA 94111
415-986-7677 x123

Thank you, Mike and Starchild. I am waiting for Shirley's husband to bring the forms to my house, so I do not have them yet. I believe Shirley had in mind gathering signatures over the weekend.