AADC Endorsement meeting Saturday, 10/11/14, 1-5pm, Bayview Library Conference Room, Third & Revere Avenue, San Francisco

Hi All. Here's another pre-election meeting we've been invited to. Though it's this Saturday, the day of our regular monthly meeting, they said we could speak in the early part of their meeting. Anyone interested?

That would be great. if you can present the no on any/all of your standing on measures and any yes, we would greatly appreciate it. Coming between 1-2pm should be fine. Look forward to seeing you.

Hi Aubrey and All,

I did some research on staffing of public schools (article on LPSF website Issues section "Uncontrolled Growth of Non-Teaching Staff in Schools?"), and I think there is compelling reason to vote against Prop C just based on that. I am volunteering to talk on Prop C. If no one else wants to go also, I can take on the other Propositions too.