RICHARD RIDER NOTE: It is becoming increasingly apparent to me that
limited government advocates would be better served by getting a
Democrat elected governor than to settle for Arnold Schwarzenegger. As
the article below indicates, Arnold seems to be leaning towards
Rockerfellow Republicanism, which is big government run by wealthy
Republicans who just love being in charge. Certainly many liberals
are enthralled with Arnold, as is liberal columnist Matthew Miller.

If Arnold were governor, he would break the resolution of his minority
party to hold fast against higher California taxes. An elected
Democrat (a.k.a. Bustamante) would help keep the Republican legislators
organized and cohesive, battling against tax increases.

If we can't get a limited government advocate such as Republican Tom
McClintock or Libertarian Ned Roscoe elected, we should not fret that
somehow we are helping the Democrats gain the governorship.

From our perspective, better a Democrat than Schwarzenegger.

To me Arnold looks like the most libertarian you can get and still be electable. And he probably couldn't get through a regular republican primary, so this is a once in a lifetime chance.

Reason agrees:

That the chief consultant for a competing candidate thinks otherwise doesn't bother me.