A well done two sided Libertarian flyer handout

Dear All;

On a Libertarian Blog site I came across this PDF for a two sided handout which could be used and modified to fit the local contact information.


It compares the Bush years and the Obama year with their Top 10 Disasters then invites people to take the Worlds Smallest Quiz and join the Libertarian Party and make a contribution.

The LPSF has discussed doing something similar and this could also fit the bill.

Ron Getty

Dear Ron,

Great! I wish we had Constant Contact or some other fancy doodle newsletter to propagate some of this great stuff. But, we have a terrific website now, so treasures can go there.

As a hand out good too, but we are scarce on venues for handouts right now. A table nearby Union Square on April 15 might be a good handout venue? (The Tea Party Tax Protest, I understand moved to Union Squarer).



We have a free competitor to Constant Contact, called phpList, that we can
use whenever you want. Just say the word.