A View From Inside Iraq

Dear Everyone;

It's important to have another view of what is happening in Iraq -
from the Iraqi side. RiverBend has three recent blog postings. She
has one from yesterday. Another one for the one year anniversary of
the "End " of the Iraqi war. One on what was happening a year ago on
Iraqi " Freedom Day ".

The postings are self explanatory - straightforward - and a sad
insight on the people getting hurt the most - The Innocent Ones. The
civilians caught between the terrorists the insurgents and the
rebels and the military.

" Collateral Damage " has to be the two lousiest words ever dreamed
up by the military. Especially when they are used to cover over
civilian casualties and deaths. The US media does not report on the
Innocent Ones being hurt. The media concentrates on the military
actions against the insurgents and terrorists. This leaves us in
ignorance and making decisions on which stairs to walk down while
being blindfolded.

Currents news reports are reporting about the possible new tactics
of clearing Fallujah and the other rebel stronghold cities house by
house. If true, you can expect to see more casualty figures like
those of last week. Urban warfare always results in heavy casualties
on both sides of the conflict. And it's always a case of who is more
willing to take those casusalties. Civilian not included.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian