A Very Well Done Why Buckle Up Video

Normally those are meeting notices very few are above and beyond that unless I feel it merits consideration because there are those whom ARE NOT on both lists.

Ron Getty

I think meeting notices and matters of policy/elections ought to go to all 3
lists. I don't read the discuss list anymore.

But, yeah, even though I enjoyed that video, it probably wasn't right for
the activist list. But since it was posted, I think it's a good example of
how we activists can sell Libertarianism to de-facto statists like we have
in San Francisco. You can be against seat belt laws (for adults -- and even
for kids, I'd argue that child neglect laws can be used when someone doesn't
buckle up their kids) but still be pro-seatbelts and can offer ads like this
as a non-coercive way to influence people to use seatbelts. The same
strategy can be used for all of the "we passed a law to keep you from
hurting yourself" laws such as bike helmets, drug use, life vests when
boating, etc.


Dear Rob

all three lists? discuss and activists and ? Inquiring minds are asking...

BTW I did add the activists because the note I had did mention it as a way to generate voluntary compliance instead of forced compliance as in the - click it or ticket - for seat belts that is forced Nanny State compliance.

Or get Gary Busey to do a motorcycle helmet ad as an example after he smacked his uncovered skull on a curb and barely survived a few years back.

There are ways to bring up things that people should do for themselves without hammering them with forced mandated dictated compliance which is the only thing the Nanny State understands.

Like buy Obamacare health insurance or go to prison according to High Priestess Pelosi. That should really encourage people and help the prison industrial complex need more tax dollars to build enough prisons to hold several tens of millions of peoples.

Ron Getty