A Very Good : State-Marriage-Religion Article From Lew Rockwell.com

Dear Everyone;

A very good article from Lew Rockwell.com on marriage and the state and religion. A brief excerpt says what the article is all about:

However, being against State issued homosexual marriage licenses is built upon the assumption the State has the Biblical right, power, and authority to issue "licenses" to get married. Furthermore, it begs the major question whether the State has the authority to "bind" anyone in holy matrimony.


Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

P.S. Another article about the state and marriage said the best method for religious people who want a marriage but abhor the State interference and its certificate requirements is to have the religious ceremony. Then make a written record of the ceremony having taken place in a Family Bible duly witnessed and signed by all parties. This supposedly satisfies all the legal requirements of a marriage union and is what was done until the State started requiring marriage certificates and the fees attached thereof thereunder.

The above statement does not constitute legal advice and competent legal advise should be obtained from a competent legal advisor if such a person exists. Jus Commune - Ignorantia juris non excusat - caveat emptor - res ipsa loquitur and etc etc etc.