A sly article!

28) In defense of slavery
Atlas Magazine
by Russell Madden

"I have heard troubling rumbles of ill-conceived discontent echoing in
the dark corners of our great land. Such traitorous dissent threatens
the integrity of the social fabric that has enabled us to create a
wondrous civilization from what was once a savage wilderness. It falls
to those of us who guide the glorious destiny of this great nation to
address such scurrilous and dangerous falsehoods. It is my duty -- no,
my privilege -- to speak out and crush those who would bring ruin and
damnation upon us all. I address, of course, those benighted souls who
claim -- against all logic and evidence -- that the natural order must
be overturned, that the carefully constructed relationship between
master and slave that has sustained the economic and moral superiority
of our people must be condemned and abandoned." (02/07)