A LITTLE OFF TOPIC BUT MAYBE NOT SO OFF TOPIC: Business Lyceum e-Letter (July 2008)

Dear Everyone;
I have been a subscriber to the Business Lyceum for several years for his basic business hints and tips in sales and marketing and advertising. He also has some nice handy manuals on doing your own various business opportunities. He is now in his 80's and has been there done that successfully in various small business enterprises he speaks with the voice of on-going success and is well recognized by his peers as one of the best.
His latest commentary is based on his views of a Depresssion as he went through one in his youth and what to expect of this one even if it hasn't quite hit yet and it's only called a recession.
His next to the last two paragraph says it all:
Those who produce more than they consume will survive and prosper.

Those who consume more than they produce will suffer the fate of the proverbial grasshopper ... and ... the hardest hit will be government employees at all levels – city, county, state and federal. – It couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of economic parasites.

The “economic parasites” to whom I refer are ... holders of positions in redundant and outdated government agencies, bureaus, and commissions; some of which have survived since the early 1900s without any useful purpose today ... redundant government employees; unnecessary people who are employed for the sole purpose of maintaining the use of budgeted funds (then can’t be fired without an act of God) ... and those persons who perpetuate those unnecessary, outdated and redundant offices and jobs.
Well worth reading the whole thing and ruminating about his viewpoints. Also if you have something to say to him about the article you can e-mail him and he will respond with a personal response e-mail. He is as I know familiar with Frederic Bastiat and other Libertarian thinking.
Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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