a little H. Brown for laughs

He describes a meeting for candidates at the ethics commision...

Ethics staffer explains what we should know about not knowing about independent expenditures made on our behalf that we don't know about. It was one of those government meetings where you come out knowing less then you knew when you went in. A brain drain kind of thing.

LQTM... Thanks for posting, Phil. Yeah, I generally tried to skip those kinds of meetings as a candidate. If lots of people show up, it just encourages the bureaucrats to think, "OK, these guys have heard all the rules so we can hold them responsible for not following them."

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  By the way h., I heard it was you organizing these weekly candidate debates in front of City Hall, where the candidates can ask each other direct questions. I think that's a fabulous idea. Will they still be happening every Friday at 5pm between now and the election? Do you have moderators, or what is the rest of the format like? How many people have been turning out? Any ideas what can be done to increase the turnout and media attention?

  Oh, and sorry for the remark about communism as you were leaving the Tenderloin debate. It's not actually the "communist" part of taking money from the wealthy that I object to, it's the aggression. With city employees it's different, because they're being paid with stolen funds. I used to think I was against communism, but technically that's inaccurate. I think communism is a beautiful thing, when it's voluntary. Old semantic habits die hard sometimes though, and I humbly ask you to forgive my misstatement.

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