A liberal supports Ron Paul

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At the Peace March recently I saw Josh Wolfe, the journalist who
recently went to jail and was also a candidate for mayor in this
election. We met several times at various fund-raisers to get him out of
jail so he came up to me and said..."I'm registering Republican so I can
vote for Ron Paul in the primary...then I'll re-register Green."We
discussed how the Republicans have given more to Ron Paul's anti-war
campaign by far than Democrats have given to Dennis Kucinich. That was
pretty surprising to hear from him. I hope he wasn't just "pulling my


I would like to share this vignette: Yesterday I spent the day at
City College tabling for Ron Paul at a candidates' event. The event
doubled as "extra credit" for one of the political science classes.
Most of the kids that stopped by the tables just wanted to get the
answers to their quiz and get out of there. But a few "got it" about
Ron Paul's libertarian ideas, and made an amazing about face from left
of left Hillary supporters to actually registering Republican to vote
in the primaries. So, I think Josh Wolfe and other liberals do find
Dr. Paul idealism akin to their own strong vision of a better
tomorrow, in emotional terms if not in substance.

(However, just as an aside, Miss Cindy is not one of them. I just
read her statement clarifying that although she supports Ron Paul's
anti war stance, there are too many things she disagrees with, such as
"choice" (she means abortion) and universal health insurance.)