A good economics primer

The economics book I mentioned in the Sat meeting is

Common Sense Economics
By James Gwartney, Richard Stroup and Dwight Lee

The original sale price was 19.95 for the hardbound copy, but I bought my copy
from Edward R Hamilton Booksellers for 4.95. I am planning to buy some more
copies. I think this would be a wonderful book to have in school libraries.It
very clearly discusses the advantages of markets over government planning.

Les Mangus

Thanks, Les. The book I was trying to recommend on Saturday was "Inclined to Liberty" by Louis Carabini. Only 112 pages, about $10 on Amazon. Describes capitalism. Here is a review of the book on Mises website.


Your idea for some of us to purchase a copy or two of liberty-type books and see if we can get schools or libraries to include them in their collection is excellent. Maybe I will see if Friends of the SF Library, who I was told at one time handles donations, can tell us how to go about donating.