A campaign committee

I have been thinking about whether we should form a separate campaign committee.
This would involve opening a separate bank account and possibly registering with
the state as a campaign committee. But let's face it; we are never going have
much impact if we don't spend money.

I have been loathe to do something like this because of the burdensome filing
requirements. Maybe it would be manageable if we could electronically file the
reports. This would save on printing and postage charges.

I will check with bank of america to see what the costs, if any, will be.
Perhaps if we eschew monthly statements the cost would be reduced or eliminated,
since I could access the account thru the computer. I will also have to check
with the Board of Elections to see about the filing requirements.

There are advantages to setting up a campaign committee separate from the party.
The major one is that, if we decided we did not want to continue this, we could
transfer the m oney to the party clearing out hte account and file the final
reports. If hte party itself becomes a campaign committee, then there is no way
to terminate the filing requirements without emptying the bank account. The
major disadvantage, of course, is the necessity of filing a passel of reports.
This is time consuming and potentially expensive. BUT maybe it would be

I will do some research and possibly make a proposal at the September monthly

Les Mangus

BoA just came out with a free checking option if you do everything on-line/ATM.


Hi Les,

Thank you for volunteering to do the research, and if we decide to go ahead, file the reports, etc.

During your research, I would suggest that you consider what repercussion registering and spending money over the $1,000 allowed, would have with IRS and FTB rules. I know very well that taxes need to be paid only on income outside the core purpose of the LPSF, over a certain amount, etc. However, there is no successful arguing with the IRS or the FTB! I would suggest you re-read the letter LPSF received from the IRS and my response (as Chair) which I gave to you; see if you need to take any action on that front if LPSF decides to go ahead and open a political spending account, etc. I realize that the last time I brought up this subject during a meeting, the consensus was to go ahead and do what we wanted to do, and worry abut the IRS if/when they came after us. OK with me if we take that approach. I just want to make sure that is indeed what we want to do.

Also, the spending side is not the only side to consider, since without the fund-raising side, there will be no spending side. But, I believe LPSF has proven (especially with its fantastic presence in the voter registration booklets the last couple of years!) that it is determined to have a political impact on this town! I am hoping that we can raise the funds to open a political account and keep it full.

Thank you again, Les, for bringing up ways to grow the LPSF.


Hi Les and Marcy! Gee, Les you're doing a lot of mulling over old ideas lately--and thanks for doing so! Thanks for doing the research on all this. The worst part is that they make things so complicated that, even when you make the effort to do things by the book, you can never be sure you're following every rule correctly. They're monsters. I think we should make every effort to do things the right way--and then go right ahead with our plans. Also, if this all pans out, I commit to helping you with the filings. Maybe we can divide up the tasks in some feasible way to ease the burden. I fill out plenty of useless government forms at work, so while I hate them from a practical and philosophical point of view, I can deal with them (with a bottle of booze). Thanks, Marcy Beancounter, for pointing out the revenue angle--I believe that folks will contribute to something with a specific goal and purpose once we have more visibility.

And yes, Michael, both this idea and the newspaper ad will be on the next agenda.