A Call For Foot Patrols In High Crime Districts - Impacts Police Redeployment Petition - We need To Get Moving NOW


Q. You propose: a) fewer police on non-violent crime and b) more police on violent crime. Why will Govt agencies ignore a) and capitalize on b)?

A. Having a Govt-protected monopoly hands them a strong incentive to guarantee themselves a secure job, to increase their staff, and to increase their prestige and power.

"Police have said they support foot patrols only when there is enough staffing because officers on foot impede the department’s ability to respond quickly to violent crimes."

Your proposal to shuffle the Govt police force--as opposed to cutting it, period-- is not a libertarian issue and will be used to benefit them and foil your idealistic visions. Further, it fails to educate the non-initiated in libertarian principles.

Best, Michael

Dear Dr. Mike;

Getting the SFPD cut won't happen as the SF voters actually passed on ordinance requiring minimum staffing levels - however without specifying how the minimum staffing levels would be used and to what benefit - DO'H..

If you believe proposing a LPSF Libertarian Initiative to cut the police department manpower levels will work please have it put on the October agenda for discussion. If this is what the group wants to do - so be it....

As far as initiating peoples to Libertarian principles this can be done when we get to speak before groups asking for their signatures using the police petition as a door opener - then talking Libertarian issues - AHA!! [:wink:

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

P.S. Police officers are like anyone eles they don't want to be where there is a chnace of getting holes blown in them.