99% Coalition organizing locally to fight NDAA

I missed this announcement of their meeting last Monday, but hopefully this group will have other anti-authoritarian efforts coming up in the future:

My name is Art Persyko and I am with the SF 99% Coalition, a San
Francisco-based organization that has only started in the past few
months. Among other things, we are organizing against the NDAA, which
President Obama signed on 12/31/11, and which goes into effect on
March 3, 2012. As you may know, the NDAA would allow the indefinite
detention of American citizens! Activists are especially vulnerable
to abuse of this dangerous law. (For more information about the NDAA
threat to American citizens and activists, please go to:
http://ccrjustice.org/files/NDAA_report_final.pdf). I would like to
invite you and/or others from your organization to attend an anti-NDAA
planning meeting with activists from a number of other SF
organizations, from 5 to 6 pm this Monday, February 27, at Mission
High between Church and Dolores. If you can attend, please let me
know, plan to meet us on the front steps of Mission High at 4:50 pm,
and we will all go inside together. If you get there late or happen
to miss us or can't find us, you can call me on my cell phone:
650-228-4188 and I will send someone to bring you to our meeting room.
Please feel free to call me for more information. Thank you! -Art
Persyko for the SF 99% Coaltion (land line: 415-674-7928)

Love & Liberty,
                                  ((( starchild )))