94,000 people about to be disenfranchised in Los Angeles - please sign petition for hand count of votes!

This apparently did not affect Republican or Libertarian voters, but Ron Paul voters were evidently burned on many other occasions, as Libertarians often have been in the past, and I think we all ought to demand the integrity of the vote in every instance. Here's the link to the petition -- http://www.couragecampaign.org/page/s/counteveryvote . The message I sent in the box for an extra note to the registrar is below.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Registrar Dean Logan,

Who came up with such a stupid and confusing form? That person should be questioned about it under oath, as it looks suspiciously like a deliberate attempt to disenfranchise voters. If independent voters were not entitled to vote for a Democrat for president, then they should not have been given ballots listing the Democrats. If someone was entitled to cast such a vote, and was given a Democrat ballot, on which they in fact selected a candidate, then these votes should be counted! It's obvious they wanted to vote for a Democrat, or they wouldn't have filled in a bubble next to such a candidate's name. Demanding that a separate and irrelevant bubble also be filled out is absurd and outrageous. The integrity of the vote is best respected by honoring peoples' obvious intentions, not by ensuring that every bureaucratic "t" is crossed and "i" is dotted! If your office does not hand-count these 94,000 decline-to-state votes, I believe you should be removed from office and prosecuted for vote fraud.