6 Killer Apps of Prosperity

1) Competition

2) Scientific Revolution

3) Property Rights

4) Modern Medicine

5) Consumer Society

6) The Work Ethic



Hi Mike,

Wow! The existential dichotomy between Atlas Shrugged and The Grapes of Wrath! Unfortunately, Grapes has won hands down, since all of the hallmarks of Atlas have become clouded with those of Grapes -- Competition (corporate welfare), Science (government grants), Property Rights (eminent domain for the common good), Modern Medicine (AMA stronghold on innovative research), Consumer Society (advertising), Work Ethic (making more money from welfare than from low-wage work).

So, how do libertarians uncloud the situation? Maybe by finding ways to expose the failures of the clouding? We could start with corporate welfare (Solyndra)?


You are sooo right Marcy....except the Solyndra situation may be doing all the work for us.

And Solyndra is a GREAT place to start. All my marginally political associates are commenting on the 5th Amendment non-replies from the officers of the company. While perfectly legal....they don't exactly build confidence for their issue.

Glad you liked that TED "article".