$580 billion in new tax revenue Obama is seeking to gain

Obama pledged not to raise taxes on the middle class, but this week he said
that he is seeking $580 billion in new tax revenue.

Since he cannot get any more tax revenue from federal income taxes, he is
going to need to get this $580 billion from other kinds of taxes such as
his Internet sales tax that targets companies like Amazon and people like
Sam Sloan who sell their products on line.

It is clear that this Internet Sales Tax will discourage people from buying
online. It might even put Amazon out of business. Who among us has not
bought something from Amazon recently?

Looks like the people made a big mistake in re-electing Obama. Too late to
change that now.

Another way this could backfire is nowadays the US Postal Service gets most
of its revenues from delivering packages. If people stop buying online
because of this Internet Sales Tax, then the postal service will have fewer
packages to deliver. The postal service is already in financial trouble
even without this loss in revenue.

Sam Sloan

Ah, yes, you refer to the iron-clad law of unintended (but perfectly predicable) consequences. This is one of many laws that Obama did not learn in law school. He also clearly did not learn the law of the land known as the United States Constitution, even though he purported to teach it at one time.