54) Antiwarriors: Divided and conquered

by John Walsh

"So why the great gap between popular sentiment and effective antiwar
action? I submit that the war parties, Democrat and Republican, very
effectively use a divide and conquer tactic -- and the antiwar forces
play into it, usually quite eagerly. So when some on the left have
good things to say about Ron Paul, the sterile lefty ideologues
quickly change the subject. If that does not work, those who speak
favorably of Paul are excoriated for being right wingers in our
innermost thoughts, which we ourselves cannot plumb, we are told,
although the psychoanalysts of the left can. And if that does not
work, the thought nannies tell us that Ron Paul is a Nazi, another
Hitler, who is to be opposed at all costs. That kind of stuff emanates
especially strongly from the precincts of the New Republic, which has
been calling for Paul's head ever since he dared say 'AIPAC' in
public." (02/12/08)