45) Lies, extortion and other LNC updates

For you nonsubscribers to rrnd, forwarded without comment. (I trust Sean, but have no first-hand knowledge of these events.)

Liberty For All
by Sean Haugh

"Our friends from California are at it again, wreaking havoc on the
Libertarian National Committee (LNC) and within the national
headquarters. LNC Regional Representatives M Carling and Aaron Starr
have been waging a campaign of lying and extortion designed to remove
Executive Director Joe Seehusen. While Seehusen remains seemingly
unaffected by these machinations, the chaos within the national office
is rising rapidly, with the sudden resignation of Communications
Director George Getz. While this conflict may have deeper roots, the
main source of contention appears to be a plan by Carling and Starr to
recruit new members using direct mail to registered Libertarian voters
in California." (04/13/05)